Thursday, October 07, 2004

Changes in Wrigleyville?

Okay, we started to make some changes in Wrigleyville, but not to the team.

Personally, I'm glad that Chip Caray is gone. I always turned down the television and turned up Pat and Ron. Love listening to Pat and Ron is just one funny guy. Most of the time he is reacting the way I am.

Looks like the Sacred Cow has been removed. The Cubs fined Sammy a days pay for leaving early. Someone else said it and I'm going to repeat it, "Take the C off his uniform. Captains don't abandon their teams!"

Sammy's numbers have been falling the past few years. 2004 stats haven't been posted yet, but take a look at his stats.

Sammy's Stats at

Aramis Ramirez was one of the bright spots this year. The Cubs have a third basemen! Who was Gary Scott? Or how bout Kevin Orie?

I look forward to seeing what happens with the Cubs team this off season.