Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Carlos Beltran to the Cubs

I wish it was true, but I don't think it is going to happen. I wish it would happen and this post is probably going to be a bunch of rambling. The Cubs need more potent bats in the lineup. I like Corey Patterson, but a leadoff hitter that had 168 Strikeouts in 157 games isn't a very good choice. Rickey Henderson at 40 did much better than that. Ya know I didn't realize Rickey retired. I never really like his attitude, but he got the job done. He had only 45 walks as well. Carlos would be a great replacement in the line up and in the field. Well maybe not the field. Corey is an exciting fielder.

Beltrans biggest problem right now is his agent, Boras. Boras may price him right out of the market for teams that he could actually make a difference with. A team like the Cubs. Rumor has it the Tribune Company has given the Jim Hendry the okay to spend more money to make a winner, but will the Cubs be able to sign him.

Long term contracts? I don't like them. Long term to me is more than three years. Today's athletes don't last as long whether it is because of "Training Nutrients" that end up shorting the prime time of the athlete or because they lose desire. See where the Cubs are now with the Sosa contract? Stuck with a huge contract on an athlete who has lost desire or the nutrients have taken their toll. Contracts should be incentive laden, keep them motivated!