Monday, August 08, 2005

Chicago Cubs and the Minor League

Has a trick been played on the Chicago Cubs Fans? A few weeks ago I was watching a team that was able to hit good pitchers. A team that still had a chance in the last few innings to come around and win from behind.

The team that has played the past few games is totally different. [Now a Six Game Losing Streak.] Maybe some kind of switch has been made. Some minor leaguers have taking the place of the former Major League Chicago Cubs. This group of men have made even a rookie pitcher look like a Cy Young Award Winner. The Chicago Bandits can beat this team.

The mental strain a Cubs fan goes through, every year, is unbelievable.

Can someone find the Cubs of a few weeks ago. You remember, when they were only a few games out of the Wildcard race and above .500.