Friday, June 23, 2006

Dusty Baker and the Chicag Cubs - He's Got to Go!

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted to my Today's Cubs Thought Blog.

Do you blame me?

Look at this team! As of June 23, 2006 they have a record of 28 wins and 43 losses. The team can't find a way to score runs. They actually find ways to lose.

I just heard a rumor Kerry Wood may not be able to come back this season. What year has he not been on the disabled list? Is it a training issue? Is it a pitching coach issue? Is it a Dusty Baker has to go issue?

I'm tired of the bologna happening with the Chicago Cubs. At what point will the Management above Dusty decide. We need to shake things up! This team is horrible under the current field management.

I say wipe all of the coaches out of the dugout. Pitching is not doing well, batting isn't doing well, and the base runners can't score runs. Get rid of this coaching staff. I don't care if the players aren't producing. Dusty Baker isn't having a positive effect on the Chicago Cubs.

Kerry Wood feels as if his season may be over. Would he be saying that if the Cubs were even 6 games out of first? I doubt it. This team has no spark.

Have you taking a look at who is leading the National League in Average? Nomar Garciaparra with a huge .357 batting average. Have you seen Corey Patterson's statistics? He's batting .289, has 13 base on balls, 29 RBI's, and has 38 strikes in 218 at bats. Could he have his confidence back? He also has 8 homeruns now. I glad for him. He had to get away from Dusty Baker. Go Corey!

What has Dusty Baker done for the Chicago Cubs? Some will say that he brought Chicago their first back to back winning seasons since the 70's. Hog wash, the Chicago Cubs had the talent to do even better. They should have had their first back-to-back-to-back winning seasons.

If the head honchos in the Chicago Cubs or should I say the Chicago Tribune don't care enough about winning then could we FIRE them? I would love that! It was rumored that Ernie Banks was partnering with some banks to try and buy the Chicago Cubs. Where did the rumor come from? The Chicago Tribue, maybe? The Tribune company has been doing this to Cub Fans for years. "The Cubs are close to signing A-Rod." The name's change, but it is always the same result. The Cubs just miss out because of money or the player "wanted" to play for his home team. or whatever the excuse.

The only way the Cubs get that star player who is capable of playing at a high level still is when a player like Adrea Dawson says he wants to play for the Chicago Cubs and says he will play for the minimum salary. We have had star players, yes we have. Sammy Sosa was a huge star. Most of our stars fade rapidly, especially under Dusty Baker and the Chicago Tribune.

I've said it before and I will say it again. As long as the Tribune Company owns the Chicago Cubs, they will only make it to the play-offs on luck. Wrigley Field is the mecca of Baseball. What baseball fan traveling to Chicago doesn't want to go to Wrigley Field? The ball park is filled every day and it doesn't matter if the Cubs are winning or losing. Whitesox fans have it all wrong about Cubs fans. They say we are so dumb to go to the games if the Cubs aren't winning. Wrong, we aren't going! Tourists are going. Every ticket I give up goes to a tourists. That is why the Chicago Tribune will not sell the Cubs. It's a Cash Cow. I will not buy another Chicago Tribune newspaper as long as they own the Chicago Cubs.

My final two statements for this blogging are this.

Dear Chicago Tribune Owners,



Lifelong Chicago Cubs Fan


Dear Chicago Cubs Management,



Lifelong Chicago Cubs Fan