Monday, October 18, 2004

Chicago Bears may Stink, but this fan reeks!

I know this is suppose to be a blog about Baseball and the Cubs. I also said, anything that comes to mind. I'm a Bears fan as well as a Cubs fan and this year the Bears have started off horribly.

Rex went down and the Bears turned to Quinn. They haven't had a win since. They are 1 and 4 without much hope. I haven't even had the slightest desire to watch a game this year.

Being a Chicago Fan of any sport can really cause your blood to boil, but that doesn't give anyone the excuse to Flip the Bird to a Player (Quinn). I couldn't find the picture from the back page of the Sun-Times today to show you what I'm talking about.

The back page has the Headline
Public Enemy No. 1
with a picture above the headline of Quinn walking back to the locker room. Fans look to be yelling at him as he enters the exit gate. One Fan in particular wearing a no. 35 Bears Jersey is flipping the Bird at Quinn with a look of disgust on his face. Hopefully this guy was drunk, because then I could give him some kind of excuse. If he wasn't drunk, then he simple reeks. I'm also surprised the Sun-Times ran with the Picture with the guy included. He could have been very easily cropped out.

I'm a Chicago Sports fan too, but I was taught to have sportsmanship. Sure you can be crazy angry, but I have never liked or have participated in using vulgarity or "Sign Language" to express my opinion. Unfortunately for many people who don't want to hear the four lettered words, especially around our children, the sports world is wrapped in this type of language from fans. This guy in the picture is just a great example of the stupidity of some people.

Unfortunately, there are more Wantabes then there are Havebeens/Hasbeens. Havebeens/Hasbeens know what it is like to give your best and know you have fallen short at some point and can accept that. Wantabes, never accept the fact they could never be. They can't accept the fact they didn't have the skills to match up against the best. They can always come up with an excuse why they didn't accomplish their dream. More than likely, if the Wannabes never accept their short comings, they will become Neverbees.