Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Padre's Geoff Blum had Kerry Woods Number.

What happened to Kerry in todays first game of the Double Header?

He gave up 3 homeruns in 6 and 2 thirds innings! Two of those Homers were hit by Geoff Blum. Geoff Blum has averaged about 9 homeruns a year since 1999. A lifetime .254 batter, with a slugging pct. of .398. This has to have been Blum's career game.

Kerry didn't have a problem with walks today. He walked only two batters as opposed to 1 per inning. Could it be the cold weather he in Chicago?

The final score today was 8-3 Padres. The Cubs are now 3-5 and their bats continue to be silent.

Mark Prior makes his 2005 debut, hopefully he does much better than Kerry did today.