Monday, April 04, 2005

It's a Team Effort to Break 106 Year Old Record

Wow! 106 years ago the Cubs opened the season scoring 15 runs in opener. They accomplished that feat again in 2003. This year they it beat by 1 run, winning 16 to 6 over the Diamondbacks.

The box score tells the story with seven players having at least one RBI! Patterson 2, Walker 1, Garciaparra 2, Ramirez 4, Lee 5, and Barrett 1.

Twenty three hits, including a double by the starting pitcher. Carlos Zambrano double and scored in the second. Patterson, Walker, Ramirez, Burnitz, and Lee all had at least three hits. Well, Derrek Lee was the only one with four. Every starter had a hit!

Zambrano was headed for the win, until he blew a gasket and was ejected. Actually, Z walked Cruz with the bases loaded with two outs in the fifth. Zambrano was relieved by Rusch, but on his way out he exchanged words with the Ump and was ejected. I like Carlos' competitiveness, but he needs to control it.

Ramirez and Lee both homered for the Cubs.

This games effort by Ramirez may have been a thank you card for the Cubs signing him to a 4 year 42 million dollar contract.

Todays effort displayed a team effort, not a Sammy Show.

Welcome to your 2005 Chicago Cubs!

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