Monday, March 21, 2005

Extra Base Hits Top 10 Former Chicago Cubs Career

I'm sure most of you can think of most of the players on this list.

  1. Ernie Banks 1009
  2. Billy Williams 881
  3. Sammy Sosa 873
  4. Ryne Sandberg 761
  5. Ron Santo 756
  6. Cap Anson 749
  7. Gabby Hartnett 686
  8. Mark Grace 647
  9. Jimmy Ryan 603
  10. Phil Cavarretta 532

I love Ernie Banks. Unfortunately, I wasn't old enough to actually remember seeing him play. Same goes for Billy Williams and Ron Santo. Obviously Cap Anson, Gabby Hartnett and Phil Cavaretta are out of the question as far as me seeing them.

There is one player that just doesn't ring a bell. Who is Jimmy Ryan?

Well, I did a little digging. Jimmy Ryan went by the nick name of "Pony." He was born Feb 11, 1863. Died on Oct 26, 1923 in Chicago IL.

He was in the majors from 1885 to 1903. Had a lifetime batting average of .306 with a season high of .361. The league average during his career was .279. Pony was a doubles machine, hitting 451 during his career.

I wonder what other players will surface while I continue to look at top 10s of the Chicago Cubs?