Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Ramirez suffers strain of left quad

As if the Cubs haven't had enough problems with injuries this year. Ramirez goes down with an injury. The Cubs thirdbaseman is such a huge part of the Cubs lineup. Aramis has supplied a spark in so many games and he has had a huge impact over the past month. We read a lot about Derrick Lee and the awesome year he is having, but we don't hear as much about Ramirez. Aramis is possibly the best thirdbaseman in the National league. I almost said baseball and I remembered the converted shortstop A-Rod.

If this is going to be a DL injury, you can almost guarantee the Cubs are not going to be able to make a serious run at the Wildcard. You know what? I really don't want a .500 or below .500 team in the playoffs anyway.