Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cubs deal Hollandsworth to Braves and Kerry Wood Has Surgery

Well here is the second sign the Cubs have hung it up for this year. Todd Hollandsworth to the Braves for minor league pitchers.

Todd didn't have such an impressive career with the Cubs, but I still enjoyed having him. The former Rookie of the Year should enjoy being a Brave and being in the playoffs. Too bad it isn't with the Cubs.

On a good note, we will be able to see some more of Matt Murton play!

Kerry Wood is going to have his shoulder surgery now instead of waiting for the season to end. That is a good move in my opinion. If he is going to have surgery no matter what, why not have it now since the Cubs are not going to be playing for a championship? This way he will be able to rehab and be ready for Spring Training.

Again I repeat as I have all my life, "Wait till next year."