Thursday, September 29, 2005

San Diego Padres Clinch Title

What has happened to the West? The San Diego Padres are a .500 team and they are going to be in the playoffs. I was concerned about a wildcard team making the playoffs with a .500 record. I guess I don't have to worry about that.

Again, what has happened to the West? What happened to the Dodgers and Giants? The Dodgers were the Braves of the West and the Giants pop in there once in a while.

Personally, I hate seeing a .500 team make the playoffs. Ultimately the very best teams get into the playoffs, but once in a while a great team doesn't get in and a bad team takes its place. I would rather see Philadephia get in than San Dieago. I guess that's what makes MLB different than the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Almost everyone gets into the playoffs in the other major professional sports. In the MLB only the winners of each division gets in, plus the best team of the rest.

I would hate it for the Padres to win the WS having such a poor record. The Padres just have to put together a hot streak during the playoffs and they win the World Series. Isn't baseball great! As the Florida Marlins have shown a couple of times, anyone can win the World Series. I just don't want it to be the Yankees!

My dreams for the Cubs will be extended another year. Don't feel sorry me. Being a Cubs Fan is like having a disease that no one has found a cure for.