Saturday, October 22, 2005

2005 World Series Game 1 - Whitesox

We are awake in Chicago. There really is a team playing in the World Series for Real. To top all that off, the Chicago Whitesox took the first game.

Chicago Whitesox 1, Houston Astros 0

Joe Crede was awesome, snagging hot line drives down the third base line and knocking a homerun.

Cotts was the key to this game being won. He came in the 8th inning with a running on base and no outs. The next thing ya know, he strikes out two of the Houston Astros. If he doesn't come in and perform, we are looking at a whole different result. Of Course.

Jenks wowed me tonight. 100 mph fastballs to strike out some serious Houston Astro hitters. When he threw the change up at 84 mph, that really impressed me.

Those are my three key players tonight. It was a team effort for sure, but those three stood out to me.

My wife was even excited watching this game. What a thriller!