Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chicago is back in the World Series - Even if it is the Whitesox

I really can't believe it. The Chicago Whitesox are in the World Series. This is a team that plays like a team. There doesn't seem to be one person that sticks out over the others. Although the media will try to make someone the MAN. I think the pitching staff is the MAN.

I know, I'm a Cub fan and according to the Whitesox fans I shouldn't hate the fact they made it before we did. I would have rathered it been the Cubs, but at least Chicago is back in the World Series!

I watched the St. Louis vs. Houston game on Monday night and thought I was going to see the Astros win and be on their way, but Pujols had his own thoughts. All teams are from the central divisions. I'm so glad the Yankees are gone!

It's late. 2:30am on October 19, 2005 and I need to get to bed. I thought I should say something about the Chicago Whitesox going to the World Series.

Go Sox.