Thursday, October 13, 2005

Next Year is This Year Now for the Chicago Cubs

How bout it!
Last year was a bust of expectations. I really expected the Cubs to be playing here in October, but once again I sit here in my office dreaming of next year.

The Sox are still playing... Who would have thought that would happen? The Sox don't have one player batting above .300, but they have a strong pitching staff. Jon Garland 18-10 3.50 era, Mark Buehrle 16-8 3.12 era, Jose Contreras 15-7 3.61 ear, and Freddy Garcia 14-8 3.87 era. By the way Garland was a top draft pick of the Chicago Cubs. I can't remember who the Cubs got in return of that trade.

The Cubs had several players above .300. Derrik Lee, Todd Walker, and Aramis Ramirez. I would mention Matt Murton, but he only played 51 games. The Cubs just better keep this guy playing everyday, that's all I have to say about him. Their pitching just wasn't what anyone expected. Zambrano has turned into the Ace of the Staff.

I say next year is now because it is. What the Cubs front office does in the off season will determine what chances the Cubs will have next year.

They have some HUGE decisions to make...

Trade Corey Patterson and preserve his major league career. For the sake of Corey, the Cubs need to get him away from Dusty Baker. Since Baker has been telling Corey to be a leadoff hitter, Patterson has been on a steady fall.

Matt Murton is an everyday player despite his age. Matt has shown aggressiveness. He runs out what would be routine ground out for Manny Rameriz and ends up being safe, why? Because he has that Pete Rose hustle.

Nomar Garciaparra only played in 62 games this year. Are his injuries behind him? I hope so, but then take a look at Ken Griffey Jr. He was named the Comeback Player of the year and he still ended the season on the disabled list with his career in question. I really like Nomar and hope his bad health is behind him. One goofy question. All these injuries happened after he got m..... Nevermind.

Felix Pie has shown great promise, Corey has shown no hope. I say it's time for Pie.

Another Strong Starter. Greg Maddux has shown that he is not as effective now. The Prior Wood Dual isn't dependable.

Biggest disappointments this year:
- The Cubs not playing in October.
- Kerry Wood struggling with staying healthy again. He was 3-4 with a 4.23 era.
- The pitching staff period.
- The inability to score runs.
- I'm sure there are more, you tell me.

What the Cubs do right now till spring training is what will determine if the Cubs will be playing in October 2006.