Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Cubs Signing of An All Time Great???

I’m a [Cubs] Baseball fanatic and I love statistics.  I subscribe to a free email newsletter written by Lee Sinins creator of the Sabermetric Baseball Encyclopedia.  This is one of my most valued software products on baseball.  

Anyway, yesterday I told some people that I was going to post my ideas of Neifi Perez on my blog.  As I started to do that I realized Lee had sent an analysis on Neifi a couple days ago.  After re-reading the analysis, I decided that I would just post his.  

Here it is.  For those of you who may not know what RCAA is, RCAA--Runs created above average. This is Lee’s own creation. It's the difference between a player's Runs Created (RC) total and the total for an average player who used the same amount of his team's outs. A negative RCAA indicates a below average player in this category.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Cubs have agreed to a 2 year contract for all time great run coster Neifi Perez.
The only question for Perez is whether he gets enough playing time in 2006 to set the record for worst career RCAA or whether he has to wait until early 2007.

1/Ski Melillo/-355  
2/Tommy Thevenow/-351  
3/Neifi Perez/-329  
4/Bill Bergen/-312  
5/Tim Foli/-309  
6/Larry Bowa/-307  
7/Alfredo Griffin/-306  
T8/Don Kessinger/-305  
T8/Ozzie Guillen/-305  
10/Ed Brinkman/-300  

In 2005, Perez set the major league record for most consecutive years with -20 or worse RCAA—

1/Neifi Perez/1998-05/8  
2/Doug Flynn/1977-83/7  
T3/Bill Bergen/1901-06/6  
T3/George McBride/1911-16/6  
T3/Wally Gerber/1919-24/6  
T3/Rabbit Warstler/1932-37/6  
T3/Hal Lanier/1965-70/6  
T8/Tommy Corcoran/1902-06/5  
T8/Everett Scott/1920-24/5  
T8/Frank O'Rourke/1926-30/5  
T8/Rabbit Maranville/1929-33/5  
T8/Ski Melillo/1932-36/5  
T8/Ed Brinkman/1963-67/5  
T8/Alfredo Griffin/1980-84/5  
T8/Andres Thomas/1986-90/5 

So what do I have to say about the signing of Neifi?  It’s crazy, start a rookie and you have a better chance of succeeding.