Sunday, October 23, 2005

2005 World Series Game 2 - Whitesox (2-0)

Unbelievable! What a game! The Chicago Whitesox go up 2 games to none.

Who was the big bat this time? Would you believe it was, Scott Podsednik? Well it was. In the bottom of the 9th Scott Podsednik comes up and rocks that ball, for a Walk-Off Home Run. I was just saying to my wife, "it would be great if the Sox could hit a walk-off Homerun," then Bang.

Game 1 hero - Joe Crede - his glove shine again in game 2.
Game 2 hero - Scot Podsednik - not his base stealing, but his bat.

It pains me as a Cub fan to see Jose Vizcaino get the hit that tied the game. Maybe it doesn't pain me. I just can't figure out how an ex-Cub almost always has a role in these great games.

Paul Konerko hits a first pitch Grand Slam in the bottom of the Seventh. I missed it. They made a pitching change just before Konerko and my wife flip the channel to see the Wilma Hurricane information. We watch for a bit, then she flipped it back to Fox and we see the ball land in the outfield and the fans going wild. Oh what a time to change the channel. She is so into this series, it's funny.

Anyone else tired of listening to Tim McCarver talk? He went on and on and on about the missed call be the umpire on Dye in the seventh. Earlier he wouldn't stop talking about why he felt Rowand screwed up on the pop fly to the outfield wall. He felt Rowand shouldn't have gone back to first and should have waited to see if the outfielder would catch the ball to tag up. If he did catch the ball and Rowand had waited to go back to first to tag up until he caught it. Rowand would have never made it to second.

Out of McCarvers 5,529 major league at bats, he only scored 590 runs. Rowand has scored 255 runs in his 1,647 major league at bats. I guess no we know why he wasn't much of a baserunner.

I really think I'm going to turn down the TV volume and turn on ESPN1000 to hear Chicago's Announcers.

Go Whitesox. Who's going to thrill me in Game 3?