Friday, October 28, 2005

Aaron believes Bonds will break HR record - I hope not

Aaron believes Bonds will break HR record

I hope not. Does anyone else find it strange that he didn't play most of this season. The season when steroid testing became "tuffer." Sure he had 3 knee surgeries and all in the off season, way before 2005 even started. He could have broken the record this past year, but I think it is planed for him to break it next year, first Ruth, then maybe Aaron. Bonds came back at the end of this year to set up next year for breaking Ruths record more so then Aaron's record. He didn't want to break the record, and neither did MLB, in the year of steroid talks. That would tarnish his accomplishment. As if it isn't tarnished already. Next year will be Bonds year in MLB. A touring of himself. Eventhough I don't want him to break the record, he will break Ruth's record in Late April or early May. The hoopla will be overwhelming. Then he may fall just short of Aarons record by years end. That may be his plan. He has said himself that it is more important to break Ruth's record as a left handed hitter, than any other record. Then he will retire and claim to be the greatest player ever. Look thru this blog to find more analysis of Bonds and other "Homerun" hitters.

Look at the homerun totals for 2005 compared to the previous several years in baseball. I can't find the stats right now, I'm in the Little Rock Airport, but this year the percentage of homeruns is down.

There's no coincidence.