Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Padre's Geoff Blum had Kerry Woods Number.

What happened to Kerry in todays first game of the Double Header?

He gave up 3 homeruns in 6 and 2 thirds innings! Two of those Homers were hit by Geoff Blum. Geoff Blum has averaged about 9 homeruns a year since 1999. A lifetime .254 batter, with a slugging pct. of .398. This has to have been Blum's career game.

Kerry didn't have a problem with walks today. He walked only two batters as opposed to 1 per inning. Could it be the cold weather he in Chicago?

The final score today was 8-3 Padres. The Cubs are now 3-5 and their bats continue to be silent.

Mark Prior makes his 2005 debut, hopefully he does much better than Kerry did today.

A new Book called Cubs Nation

Editorial Reviews

From Publishers Weekly
Many authors have chronicled the fortunes of a baseball team over the course of eight months (including spring training and the postseason). Wojciechowski, a writer for ESPN The Magazine, takes a different approach in his examination of the Chicago Cubs' performance during the 2004 season. The games themselves are only the launch point for his imaginative research, thus get relatively short shrift. Naturally, he keeps track of the wins and losses, tossing in a few pertinent facts and stats in the Cubs' pursuit of the pennant (which never came). He discusses myriad aspects of the games, addressing not just marquee players like Sammy Sosa but utility players as well, and their stories are often more interesting. Still more appealing are the behind-the-scenes glimpses of diehard fans, colorful beer vendors, outrageous broadcasters and others. Even real estate agents, looking to rent apartments across the street from Wrigley Field, get their due as part of Cubs Nation. Wojciechowski isn't overly concerned with gossip; he is more intent on offering readers insight, which comes from diverse sources, like political pundit George F. Will and social commentator Studs Terkel. This engrossing account shows how fans fall in love with a team through heartache and elation. Agent, Janet Pawson. (On sale Apr. 12)
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"Funny, deep, sentimental, achingly researched, richly written. This is the agony and ecstasy of Cubdom, served up in 162 delicious packages. How he got all this stuff Ill never know, but every blue-souled Cubbie will be glad he did. From now on, anytime somebody asks them, Why in the WORLD are you a Cubs fan? they can simply say, Read this."

- Rick Reilly, author of Whos Your Caddy?"

"Gene Wojciechowski reminds you that while Cubs baseball games may be played on the patch of earth framed by streets named Addison, Waveland, Clark, and Sheffield, Cubs baseball actually lives in the hearts and souls of the most loyal, colorful, and resilient fan constituency baseball has ever known. At the end, you want 162 more stories, and you want Wojciechowski to tell every one."

-Mike Vaccaro, author of Emperors and Idiots: The Hundred Year Rivalry Between the Yankees and Red Sox, from the Very Beginning to the End of the Curse