Monday, August 08, 2005

Chicago Cubs and the Minor League

Has a trick been played on the Chicago Cubs Fans? A few weeks ago I was watching a team that was able to hit good pitchers. A team that still had a chance in the last few innings to come around and win from behind.

The team that has played the past few games is totally different. [Now a Six Game Losing Streak.] Maybe some kind of switch has been made. Some minor leaguers have taking the place of the former Major League Chicago Cubs. This group of men have made even a rookie pitcher look like a Cy Young Award Winner. The Chicago Bandits can beat this team.

The mental strain a Cubs fan goes through, every year, is unbelievable.

Can someone find the Cubs of a few weeks ago. You remember, when they were only a few games out of the Wildcard race and above .500.

What do you think of the Chicago Cubs?

I found an interesting poll site. RateItAll is a members service that is Free. Here is a topic on Major League Baseball Teams. You rate the teams as to how you feel they measure up to the other teams. The Chicago Cubs are thrid from the last and have the third most votes being posted to their team. Of course the two teams that are receiving the most votes all around are the Yankees and RedSox.