Thursday, September 29, 2005

Chicago Whitesox Are In The Playoffs

I'm a diehard Cub fan as everyone knows. I'm having a tough time deciding if I like the fact the Sox have made the playoffs.

Part of me says, "That Stinks, now I'm going to hear it from all those crazed Sox fans about the Cubs not making it and the Sox did." You know the type of person. The same type that chants, "I've got some Ice Cream and you don't have any." Then you knock their ice cream into the dirt. lol

The other part of me says, "Good, now maybe the Tribune Company will wake up." How long will the Trib company allow Wrigley field to be filled with tourist and big business and not care that they haven't been to a World Series since 1945!?!

They haven't won a World Series since 1908!

Wrigley Field is both a curse and a treasure for the Cubs Fan. It's a curse because everyone from everywhere wants to go to Wrigley. Everyone visiting Chicago during the baseball season asks about getting tickets to a Cubs game. Most of the time, they aren't really baseball fans at all. I sat next to someone at a game that didn't even know what team played in Wrigley field. Come on. As long as the Tribsters are selling out Wrigley, they are going to continue to tease us with a team labeled with "Great Potential. We are just one or two players away from a World Series."

Wrigley Field is a treasure because I can't think of a better park to see a game. I particularly like the upper deck right behind home plate.

The Whitesox on the other hand have been in first place for most of the year and they rarely get a sell out crowd. Sure the stadium isn't the greatest if you sit in the upper deck. Sitting in the bleachers or the lower deck is a great spot. They should be selling out every game! If it was the Cubs, tickets would be hawked at mortgage prices.

The Cubs have the benefit of a national fan base. The Sox don't have that benefit.

I guess this blogging has turned into a splurging of my thoughts. It's a good thing I named this blog Today's Cubs Thought. This was going to be about the Whitesox getting into the Playoffs and my problem deciding if I like that or not.

Well, what should I do....

Go Sox!!!

San Diego Padres Clinch Title

What has happened to the West? The San Diego Padres are a .500 team and they are going to be in the playoffs. I was concerned about a wildcard team making the playoffs with a .500 record. I guess I don't have to worry about that.

Again, what has happened to the West? What happened to the Dodgers and Giants? The Dodgers were the Braves of the West and the Giants pop in there once in a while.

Personally, I hate seeing a .500 team make the playoffs. Ultimately the very best teams get into the playoffs, but once in a while a great team doesn't get in and a bad team takes its place. I would rather see Philadephia get in than San Dieago. I guess that's what makes MLB different than the NFL, NBA, and NHL. Almost everyone gets into the playoffs in the other major professional sports. In the MLB only the winners of each division gets in, plus the best team of the rest.

I would hate it for the Padres to win the WS having such a poor record. The Padres just have to put together a hot streak during the playoffs and they win the World Series. Isn't baseball great! As the Florida Marlins have shown a couple of times, anyone can win the World Series. I just don't want it to be the Yankees!

My dreams for the Cubs will be extended another year. Don't feel sorry me. Being a Cubs Fan is like having a disease that no one has found a cure for.